What is the duties of state security service?

Its main duties include gathering intelligence within the nation and ensuring the safety of senior government figures, particularly the President and state governors. The National Security Adviser is in charge of the SSS, which functions as a department within the executive branch of government.

What is the full meaning of DSS and their duties?

Pre-colonial Nigeria is where the State Security Service (SSS) or Department of State Services (DSS) got its start. It was created formally in 1948 with the establishment of the Office of the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force’s “E” Department (Special Branch).

Who is the head of state security services?

Yusuf Magaji Bichi, who was born on February 23, 1956, is the State Security Service’s director general (DG-SSS).

What are the duties of the following security agencies SSS?


  • Keep the nation’s law and order.
  • Speak out against domestic threats to the nation.
  • Protect the nation from both internal and external attack.
  • protection of the citizens’ lives and property
  • Discipline and punishment for violators must follow the law and the rules.

Is DSS a military?

The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS or DS) is a security and law enforcement agency that acts as the operational division of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which is a branch of the United States Department of State.

Diplomatic Security Service
DSS special agent badge
Abbreviation DSS
Agency overview

How much is DSS salary in Nigeria?

According to the data gathered, a grade 7 employee makes just over 50,434 before taxes and pension contributions, compared to the 75,000 monthly salary received by sergeant staff on grade 8 in the DSS.

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What are the types of DSS?

Types of decision support systems

  • A data-driven DSS is a computer program that bases its decisions on information from both internal and external databases.
  • DSS driven by models.
  • group DSS that is driven by communication.
  • Information-driven DSS.
  • DSS driven by documents.

How do I join state security service?

How to Apply For SSS Recruitment 2022

  1. Using www.dss.gov.ng, access the SSS career portal.
  2. Choose the position you want.
  3. Take the time to carefully read the prerequisites.
  4. Submit with the required documents attached.

How do I become a department of state security?

How to apply for State Security Service (SSS) Recruitment

  1. To apply, go to the Department of State Service office in your state that is the closest to you, or use the SSS website at www.dss.gov.ng.
  2. Click on one of the open positions.
  3. Make an account using a working phone number or email address.
  4. All terms and conditions should be read and agreed to.

What is the meaning of security agent?

n. a person hired to collect and deliver large amounts of money as well as to protect buildings, people, etc.

Is DSS a Police Department?

The Department of State Services is the full name for DSS. Given that it is a federal agency with multiple duties within the government, it occasionally needs to hire new employees. Information will be made available to the general public once DSS begins recruiting in order to keep them informed.

Who is the head of DSS in Nigeria?

BICHI,fwc. Mr. Yusuf Magaji Bichi, the Director General of the State Security Service, was born in the Bichi Local Government Area of Kano State on February 23, 1956. Prior to enrolling in the College of Advanced Studies, Kano, he completed his early education at Danbatta Secondary School, also in Kano State.

What are the ranks of DSS?

Non-officers, junior officers, senior officers, and high-ranking officers are indeed the four tiers that one has to go through in the Nigerian State Security Service to reach the pinnacle.

Senior Officers;

  • Major.
  • First Lieutenant.
  • Colonel.

How long is SSS training?

The course offers a route for degree holders who want to enlist in the Nigerian Army’s officers rank as combatants. Successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Second Lieutenant after completing an intensive 9-month training program for this type of commission.

What is DSS with examples?

In fact, it could be argued that a DSS is anything that offers logical, quantifiable, and scientific data to assist leaders in making informed decisions. Examples of decision support systems include complex decision support software, manual systems, hybrid systems, and all varieties of analytics.

What are three benefits of a DSS?

advantages of DSS

enhances the effectiveness and speed of decision-making processes. increases the organization’s capacity for making future-focused decisions and control in the marketplace. facilitates communication between people. promotes education or training.

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How can I join the Secret Service in Nigeria?

Any applicant for a position with the DSS must be a citizen of Nigeria. Male applicants must be at least 1.68 meters tall and female applicants must be at least 1.65 meters tall. Any applicant must be at least 22 years old. Additionally, the person cannot be older than 35.

What is the age limit for DSS?

2022 DSS Registration Portal and Application Procedure

All interested Nigerians may register for the SSC OR DSSC Registration Portal in 2022, but you must be between the ages of 20 and 30 to do so. People who are either under or over that age range shouldn’t apply because it will be rejected.

What is difference between security guard and security officer?

The term “security guard” is occasionally used to describe a watchperson who maintains a specific position or patrols a defined area but shows little independent judgment. A person with a broader range of responsibilities and more discretion may be referred to as a “security officer.”

What are the examples of security agency?

For instance, the FBI is a national police force, an internal security organization, and a counterintelligence organization all in one. Other nations have separate agencies, but because of the nature of their work, they frequently interact.

What is DSS course?

The Department of State Security Training Date is a free course that instructs participants on how to carry out duties for the Department such as protecting classified information and conducting criminal investigations.

What are the requirements for DSS recruitment?

DSS Recruitment Requirements and Qualifications 2022

  • The age range for applicants is 18 to 35 years old.
  • A Nigerian must be the applicant.
  • The candidate must possess a reliable form of identification.
  • A First Degree with a Second Class Lower or better.
  • Holders of an HND or ND should have at least Lower Credit.

What is the rank of SSC in Nigeria Army?

For those who are interested in field operations of the army, such as war, combat, or peacekeeping operations, the SSC is for entry into the Short Service Commission. You go through 9 to 12 months of training after being accepted into the SSC, and then you are promoted to the rank of second lieutenant in the army.

How much is custom salary in Nigeria?

A customs officer typically makes 75,000 per month and about 1 million dollars annually. The pay varies according to education level and length of service. The Controller-General of Customs earns a gross annual income that ranges from $365K to $495K, going from highest to lowest.

What are the applications of DSS?

DSS aids in the organization’s planning and decision-making processes. DSS gathers data from a range of sources to support the organization’s decision-making requirements. DSS essentially gathers data and shapes it in accordance with specifications to generate insightful decisions.

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What is the most important component of DSS?

Solution(By Examveda Team) (By Examveda Team)

The crucial elements of DSS are dialogue management, model management, and model management.

What are the characteristics and components of DSS?

Database, software system, and user interface make up the three main parts of a decision support system.

What are advantages and disadvantages of DSS?

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  • Using computer software, data mining, communication, and presentation, a decision support system (DSS) enables the CEO and top management of the company to make decisions.
  • A decision support system’s (DSS) benefits include:
  • Fast:
  • Automation:
  • Efficient:
  • Training:
  • Communication:
  • Low price:

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How much does DSS earn in Nigeria?

DSS employees make an average salary of 174,191 Naira. Eight DSS employees have compiled this data. Office assistant, security/intelligence officer, security guard, security, intelligence officer, security expert, etc. are among the available positions.

Who is a DSS officer?

Over 2,000 special agents, also known as “DSS Agents” or “DS Agents.” are employed by the organization. These officers are federal officers with the authority to make arrests, carry weapons, deliver arrest warrants, and carry out other law enforcement tasks.

What are the duties of SSS in Nigeria?

Mandate. The SSS’s mandate includes providing leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law enforcement agencies, as well as protecting and defending the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic threats and upholding and enforcing Nigerian criminal laws.

How do I join the Department of state Service?

Follow the instructions on the Department of State Service recruitment portal at www.dss.gov.ng to apply, or go to the Department of State Service office that is most convenient for you in your state.

What is the difference between state security and human security?

Human security calls attention to a broad range of threats faced by individuals and communities, in contrast to state security, which focuses on threats against the state, primarily in the form of military attacks.

What is security and types of security?

In both public and private markets, securities are fungible, tradeable financial instruments used to raise capital. The three main categories of securities are: equity, which gives holders ownership rights; debt, which is essentially a loan repaid with recurring payments; and hybrids, which combine features of both debt and equity.