Can you override a protected method in C?

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Yes, a subclass may override a superclass’s protected method.

Can a public method be overridden?

A method cannot be overridden if it cannot be inherited. Any superclass method that is not marked as private or final may be overridden by a subclass that resides in the same package as the superclass of the instance. Only non-final methods that have been made public or protected can be overridden by a subclass in a different package.

When you use method overriding Can you change the access level of the method from protected to public?

Unable to reduce the access scope, an overridden method can have a different access modifier. All subclasses must also have methods that are public in a superclass.

How can we protect subclass to override the method from super class explain with example?

Only those subclass access specifiers that offer greater access than the superclass access specifier may be used. Assume, for instance, that a method called myClass() in the superclass is marked as protected. The same method, myClass(), can then be either public or protected in the subclass but not private.

Can I override public method with private Java?

No, in Java we cannot override static or private methods.

Can I override a protected method?

Yes, a subclass may override a superclass’s protected method. The subclass overridden method cannot have a weaker access specifier if the superclass method is protected. Instead, it can have protected or public access (but not default or private).

Can we override static method?

No, we cannot override static methods because static binding is used at compile time to bond static methods, whereas dynamic binding is used at runtime for method overriding. Static methods cannot be overridden, so. The type of object that calls the static method determines how the method is called.

Which methods are not allowed to override in subclass?

Subclasses Cannot Override Methods

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Additionally, a subclass cannot override any methods that the superclass has designated as static. To put it another way, a subclass cannot replace a class method. For a description of class methods, see Instance and Class Members.

Can we override a method without virtual keyword?

A static or non-virtual method cannot be overridden. The virtual, abstract, or overridden base method is required. It is not possible to alter the virtual method’s accessibility with an override declaration. The access level modifier for the virtual method and the override method must match.

Why static methods Cannot be overridden?

The mechanism of dynamically binding the method call with the method body based on the parameters passed to the method call is called overloading. Static binding is used to bond static methods at compile time. Therefore, in Java, static methods cannot be overridden.

Can we extend protected class?

Class is defined as protected, so it cannot be extended from a package outside of its own (not visible). And since it will then become the default access, which is permitted, if it cannot be extended, maintaining it as protected is pointless.

Can abstract method be private?

A class method that is private prevents access from outside the current class, including from its child classes. However, if a method is abstract, you must override it in a subclass before using it from the same class. The abstract method cannot be private as a result.

Can abstract method be overridden?

All abstract methods of an abstract class must be overridden by a subclass. It’s not necessary to override abstract methods if the subclass is declared abstract, though.

How do I access protected methods?

The method displayed in class A is protected and class B is inherited from class A and this protected method is then accessed by creating an object of class B.

  1. similar to the same class.
  2. similar packages’ subclasses.
  3. various classes within the same packages.
  4. different package subclasses.

What is protected vs private?

Only code in the same class or struct may access a private type or member. Only code from the same class or a class descended from that class may access a protected type or member.

Can we overload the main () method?

The main method in Java can be overloaded, but when a class is executed, the JVM first calls the public static void main(String[] args) method.

Can we overload final method?

Can a Final Method be Overridden? No, it is not possible to override or hide methods that have been declared final. Because of this, a method should only be declared final when we are certain that it is finished.

What is the difference between method overloading and method override?

The name and method arguments of overriding methods are identical. The names of overloaded methods are the same, but their parameters are not. The method to call when overloading is chosen at compile time. When overriding is used, the method call is made based on the object type at runtime.

How do we prevent a method from being overridden?

Similarly, by designating a method as a final method, you can stop subclasses from overriding it. An abstract class cannot be instantiated; it can only be subclassed. Methods that are declared but not implemented can be found in abstract classes.

What is the difference between virtual method and abstract method?

Virtual methods have an implementation that can be overridden by the derived classes. Abstract methods compel derived classes to override the method because they do not provide an implementation. Therefore, (non-abstract) subclasses MUST override the method because abstract methods DO NOT contain any actual code.

Why static methods Cannot have virtual keyword?

Because a virtual function is by definition a base class member function that depends on a particular object to determine which implementation of the function is called, it cannot be global or static. A virtual function may be designated as a friend of another class.

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Which method Cannot be overridden for an object of object class?

This article describes how to correctly apply these methods and why it’s crucial to do so. Object declares the methods notify, notifyAll, and getClass in addition to three iterations of the wait method. All of these methods are irrevocable and cannot be altered.

Which keywords avoid method overriding?

By pairing a method with the final keyword, method overriding can be avoided. A final method cannot be overridden, in other words.

Can constructor be static?

Java constructors aren’t allowed to be static

The fact that a Java constructor cannot be static is one of its key characteristics. We are aware that the static keyword refers to a class rather than a class object. There is no use of the static constructor because a constructor is called whenever an object of a class is created.

Can a private method be static?

Default methods cannot be private methods because they can be overridden. Private methods can be static or instance methods. Private methods are only useful as helper methods for the other interface methods because they can only be used in the interface’s methods themselves.

Can inner class be protected?

safeguarded Inner Class

Another unique situation is that of a protected inner class. As we can see, since this is a static inner class, it can be created independently of a FirstClass instance. We can only instantiate it from code in the same package as FirstClass because it is protected, though.

Can protected method be called?

The protected access modifier enables your subclasses to reside outside the package of your superclass while still inheriting its methods and constructors. The subclass can only use inheritance to gain access to the protected methods.

Why abstract methods Cannot be static?

A static method cannot be overridden or implemented in a child class because it belongs to the class rather than the individual object instance. Therefore, making a static method more abstract serves no purpose.

Can abstract class have constructor?

Even though they are only called from their concrete subclasses, abstract classes in Java are still able to have constructors.

Can we declare abstract class as final?

Interfaces and abstract classes are similar. They can contain a mixture of methods declared with or without an implementation, and you cannot instantiate them. However, you can declare fields that are not static and final as well as define public, protected, and private concrete methods when using abstract classes.

Can abstract class be public?

Public constructors shouldn’t be used in abstract classes because they are unnecessary. Since you can’t create instances of abstract classes, allowing a public constructor that anyone could call wouldn’t work.

How do I access protected variables?

Modifier for Protected Access – Protected

Only the subclasses in the other package or any class within the package of the protected members’ class may access variables, methods, and constructors that have been declared protected in a superclass. Class and interfaces are exempt from the protected access modifier.

How can we call a protected method from abstract class?

2 Answers

  1. Make a new class that extends the abstract SingleBrowserLocator class; this new class must implement the abstract methods.
  2. Find a SingleBrowserLocator non-abstract subclass that exposes that method or has other public methods that call the protected one.

Can we use protected member outside the package?

While protected members can be accessed anywhere within the same package, they can only be accessed outside of that package in the child class of the protected member and using the child class’s reference variable, not the parent class’ reference variable.

What’s the difference between a protected method and a private method?

Public and private methods are balanced by protected methods. They cannot be accessed in the public scope, just like private methods, so they are comparable. They cannot be called by either the client or the program. The protected methods of other objects in the same class can be accessed, though.

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Can you declare a private class in a namespace?

No, A meaningful level of protection would not be achieved by allowing classes to be private to a namespace. Because private indicates that a member is only accessible within the class that contains it. A top-level class cannot be private or protected because no class contains it.

Can user declare constructor as final?

You cannot make a constructor final. Any subclass cannot override a final method.

Why constructor have no return type?

Therefore, the constructor doesn’t return a value because it isn’t called directly by your code but rather by the runtime code that handles memory allocation and object initialization. You cannot specify its return value because it is opaque to the user (if it has one at all when reduced to machine code).

Why main method is static?

Java’s main() method is static by default, allowing the compiler to call it either before or after creating a class object. The main() method is where the compiler begins program execution in every Java program.

Can we declare main method as final?

In Java, we can declare that the main () method is final. No errors are thrown by the compiler. Any method that has the final keyword declared as final is deemed to be the final method. The primary function of Java’s final methods is that they cannot be overridden.

Can we override private static final methods?

Java does not allow overriding of static or private methods. The super class method will be hidden if a similar method with the same return type and method arguments is created in a child class; this is referred to as method hiding. Similar to how you cannot access a private method in a subclass, you also cannot override it.

Is return type same in method overloading?

In Java, you cannot overload a method using a different return type but the same kind and quantity of arguments. the same name various parameters (different type or, different number or both).

Can a class have 2 constructors?

Constructor overloading is the process of having two (or more) constructors in a class. Multiple constructors of the same class may differ in the number and/or nature of their input parameters. However, having two constructors with the exact same parameters is not possible.

Can we call constructor without creating object?

NO. A constructor cannot be called without first producing an object.

Can final static method be overloaded?

Can static methods be overloaded? The response is “Yes.” Although they may have different input parameters, two or more static methods with the same name are possible.

Is polymorphism and Overloading same?

When a method is already defined, overloading essentially redefines it with new parameters, which Java interprets as a completely new method. – When you extend a superclass’s core functionality, this is called polymorphism.

Can a class have multiple subclasses?

There can only be one direct superclass for a Java class. Java does not allow for more than one inheritance. Simply including the extends clause in your class declaration can result in the creation of a subclass (such as in the declaration in ImaginaryNumber above).

Are static members inherited to subclasses?

Static members are essentially just class-level (i.e., universal) methods that are accessible from anywhere; they are not inherited.

Can pure virtual function be protected?

Pure virtuals, however, lack a base implementation. Therefore, declaring a pure virtual as either private or protected is functionally equivalent. Due to the fact that you can never call the corresponding method from the base class, a protected pure virtual doesn’t make sense.