How do I transfer my swtor security key to a new phone?

Go to the account management section after logging into your account at (top right corner). Then, in the menu on the left, select “Security Key” When you select “Add mobile security key” a 7-digit code will appear that you must enter into the phone’s app.

How do I transfer my swtor authenticator to a new phone?

Authenticator App and Phone upgrade

  1. Get the app off your phone.
  2. the phone’s app again.
  3. Simply enter your Display Name and Password to log into
  4. When prompted, choose “I lost my Security Key”
  5. Await email with One Time Password.
  6. Type in the One Time Password.
  7. Once the OTP is entered, the Security Key will be automatically removed.

How do I log into swtor without a security key?

To accomplish this, navigate to the SWTOR website’s main login page, where you should enter your username and password while omitting the security key field. Then select “Lost Security Key?” on the following screen. To confirm that you really do want to remove the security key, this will send a one-time password to your email. After that, you’re good to go!

How do I find my serial number SWTOR?

The number will be listed under “Serial number” when you open the app, tap the “Information” icon, then tap “Security Key Information.”

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How do I remove Security Key?

Stop using a security key

  1. Visit your Google Account’s 2-Step Verification section. You might have to log in.
  2. Select edit next to the key you want to delete.
  3. Choosing Remove This Key. OK.

Can I use Google Authenticator for SWTOR?

PSA: If you prefer not to use the standard app for security keys, you can use Google Authenticator instead: r/swtor.

What is the SWTOR Security Key app?

You can probably use a security key if the Google Play app icon is in your list of installed apps! Instead of using the SWTOR-specific app, Android users can also use the popular Google Authenticator, which has the advantage of allowing you to keep all of your two-factor authentication codes in one place.

What does the security key vendor sell swtor?

These products are available from the security key vendor: outfit for Imperial Dancers for a total of 27,600 credits. 1,000 credits and a fleet pass (one-time use)

Can you earn cartel coins in swtor?

Attaching a Security Key to your account is the only way to obtain Cartel Coins without purchasing them. You receive 100 coins right away, and a loading screen informs you that you will receive an additional 100 coins each month.

What if I lose my Titan key?

If you misplace the Titan Security Key, you can try to log in again from a computer that is still associated with your account or wait three to five days for Google to assist you in changing your password. However, that is the cost of greater security.

How many security keys do I need?

Most people should have two security keys: one for regular use and the other to be kept somewhere safe, like a safe, in case they misplace their regular key. Some people might desire extra keys for various devices.

Where is my security key?

To view the Wi-Fi security key, access the root folder and go to misc > wifi in the wpa supplicant.conf file. To view the contents of the file and the network security key, you can also install an Android terminal emulator and use the cat /data/misc/wifi/wpa supplicant. conf command.

What is setup key in Google Authenticator?

You can view the setup key, which we automatically generate as a QR code and which can also be read in plain text by clicking on View setup key, while configuring an authenticator app for 2FA. Other names for it include “backup code” and “secret seed code”

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Can you play swtor on your phone?

The epic Star Wars single-player, RPG classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ll — The Sith Lords will be released on iPhone, iPad, and Android on December 18. This is something that Aspyr and are thrilled to announce.

How much of swtor is free?

All players in Star Wars: The Old Republic have a galaxy of options available to them. Enjoy the original Class and planetary storylines, as well as the digital expansions Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan, while playing for free up to level 60.

How many cartel coins do you get for subscribing?

500 Free Cartel Coins every month as long as you are a subscriber.

Can I use a USB drive as a security key?

A USB drive and a USB security key app are required to set up a USB security key. The app is downloaded, configured, and used on your computer to produce your USB security key. The app continuously searches your USB ports while your computer is on for a device that holds a particular encrypted file.

How do I reset my security key on my Titan?

If your Bluetooth Security Key isn’t working, you can reset it.

Restart a Titan Security Key that’s not working

  1. You can locate the tiny, circular hole on the back of your Bluetooth Titan Security Key there. In close proximity to the keyring loop.
  2. Gently insert a pin into the hole and press the reset button there.
  3. Retry pairing or using your key.

Are Titan keys worth?

The Titan Key, with its appealing design and affordable price of $35, is a clear choice for those who are new to multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can be sure that it will work with the majority of the devices you already own because it supports both USB-C and NFC.

What is my phone security key?

Locating Your Android Hotspot Network Security Key

Step 1: Select Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the settings menu. Tap Mobile Hotspot in step two. Third, select Password. Step 4: If there is a Show Password option, choose it.

How do I add a security key to my USB port?

Open the Windows Settings app, choose Accounts, Sign-in options, Security Key, and Manage from the drop-down menus. To prove your identity, insert your security key into the USB port or touch the NFC reader. After entering and confirming your new security key PIN, select OK after selecting Add from the Security Key PIN area.

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How do I add a security key to my Gmail?

Open a Google app or a browser that works with Android, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera. If you haven’t done so already, log in to your Google Account. It will be obvious to your device if your account has a security key. To pair your key with your device, follow these steps.

Can you play SWTOR without a subscription?

First-time players who don’t have a subscription are referred to as F2P, and they are given preference if they buy something for at least $4.99 from the cartel market or were a subscriber in the past. Although “Preferred” status is still constrained, it offers better advantages than free to play.

Why can’t I log into Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Try signing in to Steam and switching accounts there. Steam should be completely uninstalled and reinstalled if that doesn’t work. She must then disconnect the accounts. She should be able to access her own SWTOR account using her own Steam account once that has been completed.

How do I change my email address in SWTOR?

You must sign into your account and go to “My account” in order to change your email address. Change your email address in the “Account Management” section under “Basic Information,” then click “Save” at the bottom of the page. We appreciate your interest in Star WarsTM: The Old RepublicTM.

How long does it take to get cartel coins?

As closely as possible to every thirty days, if you are a Subscriber, you will receive your Cartel Coin Subscriber rewards. The coins may occasionally take a few extra days to show up in your account, but we’ll do everything we can to give them to you as soon as your recurring subscription’s 30-day mark approaches.

Where can I buy rocket boost in SWTOR?

The “Going Places Bundle” on the cartel market (unlocks category) costs 375CC and includes additional items you can use or sell instead of Rocket Boost, which costs 2M credits and requires Legacy >=8.